[wooslider slideshow_speed=”4.0″ smoothheight=”true” randomize=”true” slider_type=”attachments” limit=”17″] Adrenaline Media not only handles advertising, but we also host concierge events/trade shows for Destination Universal, All Guest Services and Sheraton Vistana Resort and Villages. Our goal is to connect our clients with guest service reps and concierges to help increase business for our clients. We also invite frontline team members from Central Florida hotels. We believe that having the reps have face-to-face time with our clients is beneficial on both ends to educate and promote. Adrenaline Media has hosted events with 700 reps in Central Florida to small new hire trainings.

We also host monthly blitzes with All Guest Services, Sheraton, and Destination Universal. A blitz is where our clients join together and blitz to at least 15 hotels together. Not only is this a great way to promote to the reps, but its also a great networking gathering of our clients to mingle and share success stories with each other.

One thing we love to do is host events!

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